Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

Hello, whoever reads this.
Job training was awesome. The only problem was that I had too much carbs for lunch and Ara (leading engineer) was pretty boring near the end of the presentation. Job training was from 9am-5pm. Had to get up and at 6am and meet my boss at 7:15am. Solar panels are pretty interesting. Although, I’m not too sure about electric engineering part. Bus? Breakers? Overload? Load? Ampage? Wattage? DWP regulations? Fire safety regulations? (I know the answers to half of these listed.) All in all, this job is going to be crazy and awesome. In a few months, I going to have to create and train a team capable enough (with high expectations) to install and know everything they need to know about solar panels. Yay me for team manager! I’m pretty pumped. Met with a couple engineers and a few expert marketing and finance people. Also expecting to trap into a few jobs from the $8,000,000 worth of jobs. Crazy! Well, I have to get up early for another job training session tomorrow. 9am-3pm. After tomorrow, I’ve got another Friday and another Saturday next week! Busy weekend. :)

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